The Black List - The Elephant Graveyard

P.T.’s Revenge, The Black List and About the Mess releases in the works!

The Black List - The Elephant GraveyardIt’s getting crazy around here folks. This little label is going to spit out three new releases over the next few month’s. P.T.’s Revenge is recording NEW, yes, brand spanking new, material within the next two months, and it will be released right here on Whoa!

The Black List (Detroit) has a new album, The Elephant Graveyard, which is mixed, mastered and ready to roll and in the works to be released on Whoa! as well in early 2012.

About the Mess is going to the studio in November with Jeff Dean, of All Eyes West/Noise By Numbers/The Bomb/a million other bands, again at the controls. The tracks will be used for a split with a band we are yet to announce. The release will land sometime in early 2012.

On Tuesday, October 25th we are also making available Ten Ninety’s last completed recordings, a single called “Waiting for You” that includes two additional tracks, “KMA” and “The Contender.”

I would like to thank everyone who has helped us with our support of Gleaner’s Community Food Bank thus far; please continue to spread the word. To remind everyone, all proceeds from sales through 12/30 are going to Gleaner’s. You can grab the records at or on iTunes or Amazon.

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