FREE About the Mess EP Downloads

This hasn’t been officially announced on the website yet, so in light of the show next weekend at Cobra Lounge, we would like to let everyone know that they can currently download About the Mess’s “Anthem of Imperfection” EP at our bandcamp store for FREE. This won’t last forever, so go grab them while you can! You can also pick up a CD, a Patch or a T-shirt… at a fair price. I (Mizzi) made the t-shirts at my mom’s business (she does custom embroidery, t-shirts, etc…) and she made the patches.

We are looking forward to seeing some of you at the About the Mess show in Chicago next weekend (Saturday, Dec 10th @ 8pm)! Cobra Lounge is one of our favorite places to eat, drink and see bands, all in one awesome place. The show is also cheap, only $5 to get in.

P.S. If you follow us on twitter (@whoarecords), AND post about the show next weekend, I will send you a free download code for P.T.’s Revenge’s “Save the Drama.” You can retweet our recent tweet about the show, or cook up your own, but it must mention @whoarecords and @aboutthemess. Up to 25 of them, GO!

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