Edna's Goldfish Before You Knew Better

Seminal Edna’s Goldfish record ‘Before You Knew Better’ re-released on vinyl

Edna's Goldfish Before You Knew BetterEdna’s Goldfish was one of our favorite bands from the late ’90s and early ’00s, so we were psyched to see that Asbestos Records & Chicago Based Underground Communiqué Records have re-released the classic debut album from the influential Long Island ska band.

The 1999 release, Before You Knew Better was a classic from ska’s third wave, inspiring a generation of rude boys and band geeks to skank the night away. Edna’s Goldfish’s first album started a run during 1990s ska revival that put them at the vanguard of the Long Island ska scene, influencing bands like Arrogant Sons of Bitches, the Scofflaws and Bomb the Music Industry!

Head on over to the Whoa! Records store, for $10, you can get it, if you really want to get it.

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