Few and Far Between/Cruise Italy SPECIAL EDITION available at the show!!!

Putting together a quality record is rarely easy, that’s why we were super excited when we got a message last week telling us that the Few and Far Between/Cruise Italy 7″ split was done early and would be on our doorstep well in advance of the release show tonight at Small’s (doors are at 8, $7, 18+).

We were so psyched to get them that we paid (a lot) extra for 2-day shipping, only to have the records put on a train and shipped UPS ground. So because we lack the millions of dollars, political clout and super-human strength to stop a speeding train, the records we planned to have available tonight at the show will be rumbling somewhere across Missouri in a box car. (Actually… they are now on their way to Livonia, but UPS won’t take them off the truck for us :/)

Undeterred by all of this, we turned lemons into lemonade and added a healthy dose of beer (shandy, anyone?). So the plant overnighted us 50 TEST PRESSINGS of the record. What are test pressings you may ask? They are as close to a hand made record that you can get. They are great collectors items, and it’s actually a really exciting thing to have for a release show. They will also never be made like this again, so this will be the only time to get your hands one one. It’s like having that old Ricky Henderson Rookie card… but the error version worth 10 times as much.

So for those of you who coming to the show tonight at Small’s who were hoping to pick up your copy of the new record, we’ve got super limited white label test pressings of the record available tonight. When you pick one up at the show, we’ll arrange to have a retail edition shipped to you as well. If you just want the retail version, you will also be able to pick it up with a reduced shipping cost and have it shipped to your door.

We are really excited about this record and were really looking forward to getting this amazing music to you all tonight.

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