Black Christmas Ticket Winner / Whoa! on iTunes / Looking Forward to 2013

Fans, Friends, and Family,

We would like to congratulate Carly Underwood for winning a pair of tickets to Black Christmas during our holiday giveaway!!!

For those of you who received some shiny iTunes gift cards over the holidays, a number of Whoa! Records releases are available on iTunes:

2012 was a wild ride at Whoa! Records. It was our first full year since returning to operations in mid 2011. We released a total of five amazing albums this year. Also, the end of year show has morphed into something bigger and better than we ever could have imagined with 7 of our bands taking part in the Black Christmas show. There are so many people who helped make all of this possible – members of all of the bands, my partner in crime: Joe Novak, Ramona @ Black Iris Booking, and all of our fans, friends, and family.

Looking forward to 2013, I plan to move Whoa! Records forward by expanding our reach out of our core markets (Detroit and Chicago) by increasing our marketing budget. Our first print ad ever will be in Razorcake’s next print issue, and we intend to begin advertising in other publications as well as our budget allows. Hopefully, this will help introduce more people to our family here at Whoa! and make this an even bigger party.

We have a few releases either in progress or being discussed, but no solid release dates for the year yet. However, today I would like to formally announce my plans to begin a 7″ subscription series. I am still working out the details, but plan to begin releases in the third quarter of this year. The releases will be a combination of splits and EPs, and will be short run vinyl releases (approx 100 – 250 per release), with special colors for subscribers, and subscribers receiving their copies first, and the remaining being sold through our web store. Subscriptions will be yearly, and will include 4 releases (with the labels option to include bonus releases). A portion of the proceeds will go to charity.

Happy Holidays everyone, and I hope to see all of you Friday at Black Christmas!!!

— Mizzi

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