Arm Your Enemy

AYEArm Your Enemy is a mix of gritty veterans of Detroit’s punk and rock scenes. Members of notable bands such as P.T.’s Revenge, Wrist-Rocket, Cicada Day and Kilboy have come together to form a tight unit that’s ready to rock.

The band draws on a range of influences, including Green Day, Black Flag, the Mr. T Experience, Dinosaur Jr. and the Smiths to form a powerful yet melodic sound that can kick you in the teeth then provide the soothing rhythms that make you feel better, all at the same time.

Guitar player and backup vocalist Matt Edwards is also a longtime member of Detroit punk band P.T.’s Revenge. Edward’s resume also includes a credit on Common Rider’s (former members of Screeching Weasel, Squirt Gun, Teen Idols) 2002 album This is Unity Music, where he provided guitar and vocals to several tracks.

Lead vocalist Keith Britt has shown that in spite of spending the better part of the last decade in metal-influenced band Kilboy provides depth and range, bouncing from smooth melodies to rage-filled screaming and back again without missing a beat.

Before joining Arm Your Enemy, guitarist Franco Pecorelli played with Blindshot and the Black List. He is also a member of longtime Detroit punk stalwarts, Wrist-Rocket.

Bass player Ryan Alexia, previously of Cicada Day and Waiting for Tomorrow, is a classically-trained musician and brings a perspective and depth of experience not typically seen in a punk band.

Drummer Jay Miller, who like, Pecorelli, plays with Wrist-Rocket, provides the beat that keeps the band together.

Arm Your Enemy recorded their first album in the summer of 2013 at Rhythm 11 Studios in Chesterfield, Mich. The record, entitled Vanguard, Feb. 7 on Whoa! Records.

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