Arm Your Enemy to release debut album, Vanguard Jan. 28

vanguardHold on tight, Detroit rockers Arm Your Enemy are charging on to the scene with their debut release, Vanguard.

The album will be available for download on their Bandcamp at on Jan. 28 as well as Amazon, iTunes and Spotify.

Arm Your Enemy will play a release show Feb. 7 at the Berkley Front.

Mixing elements of punk, indie and classic rock with layers of pop-influenced melodies, Vanguard is like a volcano, building in strength until it erupts. Vanguard displays the bands’ full range of emotions, from introspective and a bit sullen (Counting City Lights) to pissed off with a taste for vengeance (We Came for Blood).

Keith Britt’s gripping vocals, which alternate from melodic restraint to powerful wail, reflect the pain behind the lyrics on songs like Guilty Accusations and Only in Dreams while Matthew Edwards (guitar/vocals), Franco Pecorelli (guitar), Ryan Alexia (bass/vocals) and Jay Miller (drums) provide a complex yet accessible layer of instrumentation and backing vocals.

With Vanguard, Arm Your Enemy show a depth of experience that only comes from years in the music scene. Comprised of members of P.T.’s Revenge, Wrist-Rocket, Kilboy and Waiting for Tomorrow, members of Arm Your Enemy came together in 2011 to form a tight unit that has been rocking ever since.

The band will be playing a release show Feb. 7 at the Berkley Front. Also playing the show to support the release of their new 7″ will be Break Anchor. Joining the two bands on the bill will be The Dewtons, Trace the Veins, Cruise Italy and Dick Hickey.

Read more about Arm Your Enemy here, check them out on the web at or on Facebook at

The Mizzerables – Free Album Download & Pre-Orders

coverWith the July 23rd digital release date just under a month away, we here at Whoa! Records would like to invite you to preview the upcoming album Every Last Stitch from The Mizzerables. You can listen to the album, and download it for free, no e-mail required, at You can also pre-order a limited edition CD for only $5.

Every Last Stitch, the debut album from The Mizzerables’, is an 11 song artillery shot, whistling by your ear and blowing you off of your feet. Part therapy session, part declaration of independence, The Mizzerables tell you all what it’s like to love, long and learn life’s lessons the hard way.

From the single, “Bottoms Up” to more aggressive tracks like “Everything I Need,” “Rise With Me,” and “Every Last Stitch” through the infectious hooks on tracks “Fourteen,” “Beauty Queen,” “Fatal Valentine” and “Scarlett Letters,” Every Last Stitch gives you everything punk and rock fans could ever want.The video for the single “Bottoms Up” will be out on BlankTV the week of July 14th. The full album will be available on iTunes, Amazon, and at the band’s bandcamp page on July 23rd. CD & Vinyl release dates will be forthcoming.

The Mizzerables will be premiering the video at the Whoapacolypse show July 13 at the Token Lounge in Westland, MI. The digital album release party will be on Thursday, July 25th at Liars Club in Chicago, IL. Liars Club will have Hosted PBR from 8-9pm.

The bulk of the album was engineered and mixed by Adam Instefjord at the band’s Chicago studio. The final track, “Scarlet Letters,” was engineered and mixed by Jeff Dean at Million Yen Studios. Jeff has worked on albums from The Bomb, Dead Ending, Samiam, and more. The album was mastered by Doug McBride at Gravity Studios, where he has worked with acts such as Veruca Salt and Smashing Pumpkins.

Music like this, by artists like these, is the glue of the world. It’s what holds it all together. Without this, life would be meaningless. These are the kinds of tunes that will make you want to run up on the roof and sing them at the top of your lungs for everyone to hear. So check them out, you won’t be sorry.

P.S. – Thank you Empire Records

Whoapocalypse 2013 ALL AGES w/P.T.’s Revenge, The Mizzerables, Wrist-Rocket, Cruise Italy

The Whoapocalypse is coming, where do you want to be when it does?

Don’t worry, the world isn’t going to end, but it may feel like it if you miss this show. Could you live with yourself if you missed the premiere of The Mizzerables video for their new single, Bottoms Up? Of course not, so get to the Token Lounge in Westland on July 13.

While you’re there, you’re going to see some kick ass punk rock from Bottle Kids (Chicago), Due North, Cruise Italy, Wrist-Rocket, The Mizzerables and P.T.’s Revenge.

So get your tickets now, or spend the rest of your life listening to your friends talk about how amazing of a time you missed. Trust us, that’s not a disappointment that you want to live with.

Doors at 7:00PM music at 7:30PM SHARP!

Tickets are $10 in advance, $15 at the door

Order tickets via Eventbrite:


The Mizzerables to shoot a video for Bottoms Up in Detroit this Saturday!

mizzerablesCome Monday morning, are you going to make your poor coworkers hear about all the shit you didn’t do this weekend? Hell no! You’re going to go to the Toepfer House in Warren for the Mizzerables video shoot this Saturday (April 6)!

Fresh off of their east coast tour, your favorite pop-punk misfits will be rocking the Toepfer House and shooting a video for their song Bottoms Up. This is your chance to make your parents proud when you show them the video on YouTube where you are shirtless, Miller Lite held aloft, screaming the lyrics to your favorite Mizzerables song.

Face it, the work week sucks. Get out to the Toepfer House this weekend and show the world that you still know how to have fun.

Bands start at 9 p.m. and the video shoot will be over by 1:30 a.m. Cover is a mere $5 and as always at the Toepfer House, it’s BYOB.

But I’m in Chicago and I like punk rock, why can’t I see the Mizzerables this weekend?

Good news, you sad bastard, you can see them!

The Mizzerables will be playing 27 Live in Evanston, Ill. Friday (April 5). Doors are at 8. More information on the show can be found here.

Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, get up and see some punk rock this weekend!


tourposter-201303221-624x964The Mizzerables kick off their eastern US tour

New York, Philadelphia, and hell, even Cleveland, the Mizzerables are coming your way!

The pop-punk heroes from Chicago kick off their eastern US tour tonight (3/22) at Slacker’s in Beverly, Ill., then heading to The Foundry in Lakewood, Ohio on Saturday (3/23) before continuing on to Brooklyn and the rest of the east coast.

You can find all of their tour dates here. If you’re lucky enough to have these guys roll through your town, get out there and see them.


Touch the Clouds, Wristrocket and Mini rock the House of Shamrocks

Wristrocket will join play the House of Shamrocks in Hazel Park, Mich. Saturday (3/23). The show will feature the live debut of Touch the Clouds (members of Few and Far Between) and Mini (Kevin from P.T.’s Revenge).

This is a FREE SHOW. Doors are at 10 p.m.

See some punk rock tonight! Wrist-Rocket in Detroit, Mizzerables in Chicago


Wrist-Rocket playing with Break Anchor at the Toepfer House
Detroit! You’ve been cooped up in your houses trying to stay warm for too long. You deserve a night out, so get your asses out to the Toepfer House tonight to see Wrist-Rocket. This is the tour kickoff show for our friends in Break Anchor, who are heading out to bring some Detroit madness to the west coast. Come out and give them a proper Motor City send off.

Joining Break Anchor and Wrist-Rocket will be Bad Assets, Randy Bastards and Best Idea Ever. $7 gets you all this ass kicking rock. Doors are at 8. The Toepfer House is at 8741 Toepfer in Warren, Mich.

The Mizzerables rocking the Subterranean in Chicago
If you live in Chicago, I guarantee whatever you have planned for tonight isn’t as cool as this.

Get over to the Subterranean to see the Mizzerables with Big Sur, Nightcap, The Braver Days and the Hypnic Jerks. If you ask nicely, they may even play some new stuff from their upcoming record, which is due out this spring.

The show is 21+, $8 gets you in. Doors at 9 p.m. The Subterranean is at 2011 W. North Ave in Chicago.

First Print Ad, new Web Theme

The new issue of Razorcake contains our first print ad!

Razorcake Ad

Also, I am working on a new theme and build out for the web-site with lots of new features, and exclusives for members of the site. Over the next few months I will be rolling out the changes to the site.

Thanks everyone, and welcome to 2013!


Black Christmas Ticket Winner / Whoa! on iTunes / Looking Forward to 2013

Fans, Friends, and Family,

We would like to congratulate Carly Underwood for winning a pair of tickets to Black Christmas during our holiday giveaway!!!

For those of you who received some shiny iTunes gift cards over the holidays, a number of Whoa! Records releases are available on iTunes:

2012 was a wild ride at Whoa! Records. It was our first full year since returning to operations in mid 2011. We released a total of five amazing albums this year. Also, the end of year show has morphed into something bigger and better than we ever could have imagined with 7 of our bands taking part in the Black Christmas show. There are so many people who helped make all of this possible – members of all of the bands, my partner in crime: Joe Novak, Ramona @ Black Iris Booking, and all of our fans, friends, and family.

Looking forward to 2013, I plan to move Whoa! Records forward by expanding our reach out of our core markets (Detroit and Chicago) by increasing our marketing budget. Our first print ad ever will be in Razorcake’s next print issue, and we intend to begin advertising in other publications as well as our budget allows. Hopefully, this will help introduce more people to our family here at Whoa! and make this an even bigger party.

We have a few releases either in progress or being discussed, but no solid release dates for the year yet. However, today I would like to formally announce my plans to begin a 7″ subscription series. I am still working out the details, but plan to begin releases in the third quarter of this year. The releases will be a combination of splits and EPs, and will be short run vinyl releases (approx 100 – 250 per release), with special colors for subscribers, and subscribers receiving their copies first, and the remaining being sold through our web store. Subscriptions will be yearly, and will include 4 releases (with the labels option to include bonus releases). A portion of the proceeds will go to charity.

Happy Holidays everyone, and I hope to see all of you Friday at Black Christmas!!!

— Mizzi

Few and Far Between/Cruise Italy SPECIAL EDITION available at the show!!!

Putting together a quality record is rarely easy, that’s why we were super excited when we got a message last week telling us that the Few and Far Between/Cruise Italy 7″ split was done early and would be on our doorstep well in advance of the release show tonight at Small’s (doors are at 8, $7, 18+).

We were so psyched to get them that we paid (a lot) extra for 2-day shipping, only to have the records put on a train and shipped UPS ground. So because we lack the millions of dollars, political clout and super-human strength to stop a speeding train, the records we planned to have available tonight at the show will be rumbling somewhere across Missouri in a box car. (Actually… they are now on their way to Livonia, but UPS won’t take them off the truck for us :/)

Undeterred by all of this, we turned lemons into lemonade and added a healthy dose of beer (shandy, anyone?). So the plant overnighted us 50 TEST PRESSINGS of the record. What are test pressings you may ask? They are as close to a hand made record that you can get. They are great collectors items, and it’s actually a really exciting thing to have for a release show. They will also never be made like this again, so this will be the only time to get your hands one one. It’s like having that old Ricky Henderson Rookie card… but the error version worth 10 times as much.

So for those of you who coming to the show tonight at Small’s who were hoping to pick up your copy of the new record, we’ve got super limited white label test pressings of the record available tonight. When you pick one up at the show, we’ll arrange to have a retail edition shipped to you as well. If you just want the retail version, you will also be able to pick it up with a reduced shipping cost and have it shipped to your door.

We are really excited about this record and were really looking forward to getting this amazing music to you all tonight.

Few and Far Between / Cruise Italy Split Now Streaming!

Whether you’re still on the fence about ordering the new Few and Far Between/Cruise Italy split or just eagerly awaiting the record release show on Nov. 21, we’ve got a Drunksgiving gift for you. We’ve got the Left for Dead from Few and Far Between and Young Villains by Cruise Italy streaming, just for you!

If you like what you hear, head over to the Whoa! Records store and order a copy. Don’t forget, you can hear the two new tracks and so, so, so much more great music at the record release show Dec. 21 at Small’s in Hamtramck. Doors are at 8 p.m. and admission is $7 at the door. The show is 18+.