Arm Your Enemy to release debut album, Vanguard Jan. 28

vanguardHold on tight, Detroit rockers Arm Your Enemy are charging on to the scene with their debut release, Vanguard.

The album will be available for download on their Bandcamp at on Jan. 28 as well as Amazon, iTunes and Spotify.

Arm Your Enemy will play a release show Feb. 7 at the Berkley Front.

Mixing elements of punk, indie and classic rock with layers of pop-influenced melodies, Vanguard is like a volcano, building in strength until it erupts. Vanguard displays the bands’ full range of emotions, from introspective and a bit sullen (Counting City Lights) to pissed off with a taste for vengeance (We Came for Blood).

Keith Britt’s gripping vocals, which alternate from melodic restraint to powerful wail, reflect the pain behind the lyrics on songs like Guilty Accusations and Only in Dreams while Matthew Edwards (guitar/vocals), Franco Pecorelli (guitar), Ryan Alexia (bass/vocals) and Jay Miller (drums) provide a complex yet accessible layer of instrumentation and backing vocals.

With Vanguard, Arm Your Enemy show a depth of experience that only comes from years in the music scene. Comprised of members of P.T.’s Revenge, Wrist-Rocket, Kilboy and Waiting for Tomorrow, members of Arm Your Enemy came together in 2011 to form a tight unit that has been rocking ever since.

The band will be playing a release show Feb. 7 at the Berkley Front. Also playing the show to support the release of their new 7″ will be Break Anchor. Joining the two bands on the bill will be The Dewtons, Trace the Veins, Cruise Italy and Dick Hickey.

Read more about Arm Your Enemy here, check them out on the web at or on Facebook at

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