Few and Far Between / Cruise Italy Split 7″ Pre-Orders

Sometimes two things that are amazing on their own come together through some twist of fate, and a legendary team is formed.

Continuing the tradition of great collaborations, veteran Detroit (and Brooklyn) indie rockers Few and Far Between join Cruise Italy on a new 7″ split from Whoa! Records.

The split is available for preorder now at the Whoa! Records store and features a new track from both bands.

The record is a study in contrast. While Cruise Italy takes a carefully wrought, melodic approach on their track, Young Villains, Few and Far Between take a more aggressive tack.

On one side, Few and Far Between’s track Left for Dead is a hawkish missive about trying to find the inspiration to break out of the routine of our workaday lives. Its anthemic choruses are made truly powerful with help from Jay Navarro (Suicide Machines/Break Anchor/Hellmouth)

On the other side, Cruise Italy charts a more measured and poetic approach with their contribution to the record. The warm and somber tone of Young Villains weaves a tale of someone taking a leap and starting a new life.

The contrasting tones of each track make for a perfect combination. This is a record you’re not going to want to miss out on.

So, head over to the Whoa! Records store and order your copy of the Few and Far Between/Cruise Italy split. This is a limited edition release, only 500 copies will be pressed. If you would like to reserve your copy to pick up at the release show, and not be charged for shipping, please use the code PICKUP at checkout.

Few and Far Between and Cruise Italy along with Old Mission, will play a release show Nov. 21 at Small’s in Hamtramck. Doors are at 8 p.m., tickets are $7, 18 and up are welcome. RSVP on Facebook.

P.T.’s Revenge is Back

I’m extremely excited to announce our latest release on Whoa! Records. When I revived this label one thing was certain – we had to have a new P.T.’s Revenge release. Having been friends since grade school with the Sierzega brothers, we discovered together, and ended up becoming a part of, the amazing Detroit punk scene during the ’90s. P.T.’s Revenge became a staple of the scene, and it was the first band that I became involved in releasing records with by making cassettes and inserts and selling them at shows. Ultimately, they inspired me to start my own band, and we all set off on a wild journey, meeting and playing with a number of our idols and experiencing things that a kid could only dream about. These are some great guys and some of my best friends in the world. The process of making this record has been possible with the help of a number of friends. I’d like to thank Joe Novak for helping write the following about the release and being a large part of making this Whoa! Records revival happen.

Starting Dec. 20th you can pre-order the band’s new EP, Never Let Her Go, at the Whoa! Records store at http://store.whoarecords.net, which will include an immediate download of the track “Coo Later Bye.” The record will release on Dec. 27th though the Whoa! store and Jan. 3rd through other online retailers.

A new site for the band, www.ptsrevenge.com,will launch on Dec. 20th. The site will include updates on the band, music and photos. Also be sure to follow P.T.’s Revenge on Twitter at @pts_revenge and to check out their Facebook page.

— Mizzi

How the heck are you supposed to describe a band when all they will say about themselves and their sound is that it is “honest”?

Well, you can take a look at them, listen to the music and let it all speak for itself.

On second thought, don’t look, just listen.

For Detroit punk outfit P.T.’s Revenge, it’s not what you wear, it’s what you believe, and they believe their blend of pop-punk, hardcore and straightforward, good old American rock and roll will blow you away.

The five guys from the west side of Detroit recently returned to the studio to lay down their first new tracks since 2002. The new EP, entitled Never Let Her Go, features three never before recorded songs and one reworked tune from their 1998 release. Never Let Her Go will be released on Whoa! Records Dec. 27th.

“It was great being back in the studio with the guys,” said drummer John Kay. “It all came together effortlessly and quickly, the way it should be.”

The band features brothers Jeff and Kevin Sierzega on bass and vocals respectively, Matthew Edwards and Chris Doerr on guitar and Kay on drums.

Drawing on such diverse influences as Bouncing Souls, 311, Green Day, Less Than Jake, Poison, The Misfits and NoFX, P.T.’s Revenge’s unique sound combines elements of pop punk, hardcore and straight forward rock and roll to produce infectious hooks and anthemic choruses. They take pop punk where it dares not tread, giving their music a sincerity and edge not usually seen in that brand of punk music.

Throughout the late 1990s and early 2000s, P.T.’s Revenge was at the forefront of the Detroit scene. They toured with punk heroes the Suicide Machines and were regulars at iconic Detroit venues St. Andrew’s Hall, the Shelter and the Fillmore Detroit (formerly the State Theatre), playing alongside punk and ska luminaries H20, Sum 41, New Found Glory, the Toasters, Goldfinger, Bowling for Soup, Reel Big Fish, Bif Naked and Anti-Flag, among others.

After experiencing some initial success, the band split in 2002 and the members went on to success with other projects.

Frontman Kevin Sierzega went on to join Nashville-based punk outfit Teen Idols and later formed Bullets to Broadway.

Edwards now fronts Arm Your Enemy. In 2002 he played guitar on, and with Kevin Sierzega contributed vocals to, Common Rider’s (former Operation Ivy frontman Jesse Michaels and former members of Screeching Weasel) release This is Unity Music.

Kay earned his Audio Engineering degree at the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences in Tempe, Ariz. From there he founded Stu Stu Studio in Livonia, MI and now engineers several artists in rotation on Detroit’s top alternative rock station. In spite of his busy schedule, he still finds time to kick it behind the drums for rock acts Bat on Fire and The EEKS.

The new EP isn’t the only big news for P.T.’s Revenge. The band will be joining some of their former Detroit punk peers for a Whoa! Records reunion show Dec. 30th at Small’s in Hamtramck. Along with P.T.’s Revenge, the show will feature Ten Ninety, Slo-Poke, Wristrocket and Blindshot.

Kay promises the show is going to rock your socks, among other items of clothing, off.

“We rock so hard that it’ll blow the sleeves right off your shirt,” Kay said. “That’s why I never wear them in the first place.”

Doors are at 8 p.m. at Small’s in Hamtramck and admission is $6 or two cans of non-perishable food. The show is all ages and all proceeds go to Gleaner’s Community Food Bank in Detroit.

Starting Dec. 20th you can pre-order Never Let Her Go on the Whoa! Records store at http://store.whoarecords.net, which will include an immediate download of the track “Coo Later Bye”. The record will release on Dec. 27th though the Whoa! store and Jan. 3rd through other online retailers.

Chicago-based Whoa! Records is an independent record label focusing on punk and rock music. Other artists include About the Mess, J. Lee, Slo-Poke and Wrist-rocket.

— Joe Novak