Arm Your Enemy to release debut album, Vanguard Jan. 28

vanguardHold on tight, Detroit rockers Arm Your Enemy are charging on to the scene with their debut release, Vanguard.

The album will be available for download on their Bandcamp at on Jan. 28 as well as Amazon, iTunes and Spotify.

Arm Your Enemy will play a release show Feb. 7 at the Berkley Front.

Mixing elements of punk, indie and classic rock with layers of pop-influenced melodies, Vanguard is like a volcano, building in strength until it erupts. Vanguard displays the bands’ full range of emotions, from introspective and a bit sullen (Counting City Lights) to pissed off with a taste for vengeance (We Came for Blood).

Keith Britt’s gripping vocals, which alternate from melodic restraint to powerful wail, reflect the pain behind the lyrics on songs like Guilty Accusations and Only in Dreams while Matthew Edwards (guitar/vocals), Franco Pecorelli (guitar), Ryan Alexia (bass/vocals) and Jay Miller (drums) provide a complex yet accessible layer of instrumentation and backing vocals.

With Vanguard, Arm Your Enemy show a depth of experience that only comes from years in the music scene. Comprised of members of P.T.’s Revenge, Wrist-Rocket, Kilboy and Waiting for Tomorrow, members of Arm Your Enemy came together in 2011 to form a tight unit that has been rocking ever since.

The band will be playing a release show Feb. 7 at the Berkley Front. Also playing the show to support the release of their new 7″ will be Break Anchor. Joining the two bands on the bill will be The Dewtons, Trace the Veins, Cruise Italy and Dick Hickey.

Read more about Arm Your Enemy here, check them out on the web at or on Facebook at

Few and Far Between / Cruise Italy Split 7″ Pre-Orders

Sometimes two things that are amazing on their own come together through some twist of fate, and a legendary team is formed.

Continuing the tradition of great collaborations, veteran Detroit (and Brooklyn) indie rockers Few and Far Between join Cruise Italy on a new 7″ split from Whoa! Records.

The split is available for preorder now at the Whoa! Records store and features a new track from both bands.

The record is a study in contrast. While Cruise Italy takes a carefully wrought, melodic approach on their track, Young Villains, Few and Far Between take a more aggressive tack.

On one side, Few and Far Between’s track Left for Dead is a hawkish missive about trying to find the inspiration to break out of the routine of our workaday lives. Its anthemic choruses are made truly powerful with help from Jay Navarro (Suicide Machines/Break Anchor/Hellmouth)

On the other side, Cruise Italy charts a more measured and poetic approach with their contribution to the record. The warm and somber tone of Young Villains weaves a tale of someone taking a leap and starting a new life.

The contrasting tones of each track make for a perfect combination. This is a record you’re not going to want to miss out on.

So, head over to the Whoa! Records store and order your copy of the Few and Far Between/Cruise Italy split. This is a limited edition release, only 500 copies will be pressed. If you would like to reserve your copy to pick up at the release show, and not be charged for shipping, please use the code PICKUP at checkout.

Few and Far Between and Cruise Italy along with Old Mission, will play a release show Nov. 21 at Small’s in Hamtramck. Doors are at 8 p.m., tickets are $7, 18 and up are welcome. RSVP on Facebook.

P.T.’s Revenge – Never Let Her Go vinyl release Kickstarter

Collecting music is serious business. For those who are serious about their music, it is frustrating that a lot of the raw power and subtlety of their music is lost in the often indecipherable din blasting through tiny, white earbuds.

The intricacies of a subtle key change or the penetrating beat of a great bass line are often lost on digital tracks. This is why a lot of collectors are seeking the kind of authentic sound you can only hear between the crackles and pops of an album on vinyl.

We’re not talking about a bunch of hipsters trying to out-obscure each other with finds in the $2 bin at their local thrift shop. Discriminating audiophiles looking for the throwback sound they first heard on their parents’ hifi are seeking out releases on vinyl for all their favorite bands.

With Whoa! Records’ latest release, Never Let Her Go by Detroit punk heavyweights P.T.’s Revenge, we hope to provide fans of great music on the format they seek — with a modern twist.

To make this vision a reality, Whoa! Records, with the help of United Record Pressing (who is generously offering us test pressings for certain funding levels), is seeking funding through Kickstarter.

Kickstarter is a new way for artists, musicians and other creative types to find funding for their projects. For more information on how Kickstarter works, click here.

You can pledge as little or as much as you like to assist with this project. At each funding level, starting with $5, there are rewards that include everything from your name appearing on the liner notes to limited edition versions of the record.

Already available digitally and on CD, by seeking financial backing on Kickstarter, we hope to bolster the release of Never Let Her Go with an option for vinyl collectors. The pressing would include a limited run of 100 records on white vinyl and 400 on standard black.

We recognize that vinyl is largely for collectors and many of those who buy the record still want to be able to listen to the music on their computers, iPods, smartphones, Zunes (do people still own those?) and what-have-you, each record will include a coded card that allows the purchaser to download the album digitally. We don’t want them to have to compromise, so because we know that they appreciate a higher-quality sound, all digital tracks are available in high definition formats.

Vinyl has been surging in the last few years and now we want to become a part of what we think is a great way to collect music. Because we are still a very small label (but growing!) with limited resources, we would like to fund the vinyl version of this record with your help. By helping us fund our vinyl releases, you will help us be on more solid financial footing, allowing us to dedicate more resources to promoting our current releases and recording more high-quality music in the future.

It is an exciting time for Whoa! Records and P.T.’s Revenge. Back together after nearly ten years apart, P.T.’s Revenge’s Never Let Her Go is the band’s first release since 2002.

P.T.’s Revenge recently headlined a Whoa! Records reunion show, playing to a packed house, the proceeds of which went to Gleaners Community Food Bank in Detroit. More than $700 and 400 pounds of food were raised at the show and will help Gleaners provide more than 2,000 meals to hungry men, women and children in southeastern Michigan.

We’re doing our best to be good members of the community, so we’re hoping for a helping hand so we can continue to do good work and keep putting out great music.

You can find the link to the Kickstart project page here.